To Our Clients

We take advantage of this release to thank endlessly all our customers for their commitment and wonderful feed-back that always motivates us and excites us very much to move forward. The simple fact of knowing that we have in our hands the privilege of delivering great experiences, forming beautiful memories is something that moves us and accompanies us every day.

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Ko’KayaK Covid Response

This document has been prepared by a committee of both experts in outdoor activities and Ecotourism tour operators from the Lake District in Chile, gathering information from national and international organizations individualized down below. This initiative arises as a response to the necessity of having a risk management manual in order to prevent Coronavirus Sars-Cov- 2 contagion, while producing a document that may be of use to the authority efforts in establishing official protocols in this matter. This protocol is based on currently available information and could be updated based on new information.

Protocol for Outdoor tourism Puerto Varas & Chiloé

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