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2 Day Sea Kayak journey across the Fjord

General Info

  • Time: 2 days
    Day 1: 8:30 am – Día 2: 7:00 pm

  • Season: All year

  • Minimum age: 12 years

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2 days kayaking the lower Petrohue river and the northernmost fjord of Patagonia.

We start paddling on the calm waters of the rio Petrohue and reach Ralun hot springs. Valley opens up to the Reloncavi fjord where clear waters meets the ones from south Pacific. We then make it to our camp for the night on the fjord bank. Dinner will be with the lovely family living on the hill overlooking volcano Yates.  After a great breakfast we will have time to go for a walk on the property before getting back in the kayaks and make our way South, passing Cochamo village. An incredible experience in a short lapse of time.

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Price of Activity

clp165000per Person