River Kayaking Sit-on-top Clinic Full Day

Descend a river on Kayak

Have you ever wanted to experience a river Kayak descent?  We have brought this possibility to you, Built in the US, these Kayaks have a common river Kayak bottom shape, but has a sit on top deck, therefore it is not necessary to learn the eskimo Rol, only learn correct ways to paddle. A fun instructional morning in a calm section of the river, followed by an afternoon of facing the waves and rapids class III of the Petrohué river. Full of adrenaline this is a new approach on the river.

  • Price
  • $75000 clp*
  • *Prices are Per Person in Chilean Pesos

Season: All year

Difficulty: Medium

Schedules: 8:30am  Monday – Sunday

Parque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales, Río Petrohué.