Our Outdoor Education Immersion Program, provide students some unique teaching technics sessions in the great outdoor.

To us whitewater rafting meets many educational components. Students will learn Lifetime Skills that will be always useable for their outdoor activity in the future.

We will be immerged on a specific ecosystem for a week and will discover and get to know the specificities of this beautiful river ecosystem. The río Petrohue is a lake fed river. We find different rivers of this kind in Southern Chile and this is a different system than the ones you find in central Chile which are usually from glacier origin

At Ko’KayaK we are all worldwide experienced paddlers and will be of perfect help to talk about worldwide rivers. We have plenty of river miles under our belts and will be able to talk about the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, the narrow stretches of the southern Alps, the big waves of the río Futaleufu, the crazy waterfalls of Agua Azul in Mexico etc… Steering/Guiding a raft needs obviously skills but mostly a good sense of leadership to make sure your crew will respond the way you want at the right time. You have to work on your skills to teach your group the abilities they (you) will need and you have to assess every single paddler in the crew to know who you can trust, who can give the rhythm to the paddling, how everybody will react in case of a swim and in many other situations. This is a fast way to learn management over a group of up to 5 teammates. We finish the week with a guiding exam where every student will solo guide the raft down a stretch of whitewater and will have to perform specific moves learned during previous sessions.